iPhones are incredible technological devices that allow you to maintain social relationships and navigate the inconveniences of daily life. Your phone even has the ability to sync up to any other Apple product in your home, allowing you to consolidate information and easily keep your day-to-day appointments. So what role does your iPhone play in your divorce ?

Here are some phone-related divorce rules you may already know:

  1. Don't send cruel text messages to your ex (texts can be used against you!)
  2. Don't record your spouse with out their knowledge ( this is illegal!)
  3. Be patient when separating your shared cell phone plan ( this can be a long-drawn-out challenge!)

Many people don't consider how much access their spouse has to the irprivate information and personal data. A former spouse may be able to spy on their ex by accessing their phone or laptop. If you share an iCloud account or Apple ID with your spouse, they may have full access to all your appointments, photos, and emails with out you knowing - this includes emails to and from your legal team!

If your ex snoops and discovers you're seeing someone, it could make your divorce infinitely more difficult. Illinois is a “no fault”state, which means evidence of adultery - or perceived adultery - can'tbe used against a spouse in court. However, thereare consequences when it comes to “dissipation.” A spouse has the option of filing a notice of intent to claim dissipation if they can prove their ex spent marital funds on a paramour. The court may force the spouse in question to add those funds back into the collective assets that are being divided. A bitter ex may also refuse to make any concessions that could benefit their former spouse during divorce proceedings.

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