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Child visitation FAQ

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divorce can make life seem pretty uncertain, especially when it comes to visitation and custody of your children . You likely have a lot of questions, so to shed some clarity on the situation, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding child visitation .

Here are some answers to commonly asked child visitation questions:

  • What does the term “reasonable visitation ” mean? When child visitation is determined by the court, it will generally order that it be reasonable, allowing the parents to hash out the actual specifics of scheduling. The custodial parent, however, will inherently wield most of the control when it comes to dates, times, and visit durations. He or she is not legally obligated to agree to a particular schedule, though a judge will take note of a parent who is not flexible or uncooperative.Ultimately, it could backfire on the custodial parent if he or she is unwilling to work with the non-custodial parent.
  • What is a fixed visitation schedule? In some cases, the court will set up a detailed visitation schedule, which will also include times and places for visitation . For example, the non-custodial parent might have every other weekend or every Monday and Wednesday evening with the children . Fixed visitation schedules are more likely to be ordered if there is so much hostility between the parents that it is necessary to minimize contact between them. Fixed visitation s can be generous and create some predictability for the children during an unpredictable time.
  • If the ex-spouse was abusive, how can further abuse be prevented during visits with the children ? If the non-custodial parent has a history of violence or destructive behavior, particularly toward the children , the court will typically require all visits to be supervised by an adult other than the custodial parent. The adult must be approved by the court that ordered supervised visitation .

Illinois Family Law attorney s

If you and your former spouse are trying to work out a visitation agreement, you will need a skilled child custody attorney on your side to ensure your interests and theinterests of your children are protected. At Wakenight & Associates, P.C., our Illinois child custody attorney s work hard to listen to your needs and will dedicate ourselves to reaching a resolution as soon as possible.

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