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Dating During a divorce-Is It a Good Idea

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For many, divorce is not an easy experience to endure and can often make them feel lonely while life is in limbo. It might seem like the right time to start anew and get back into the dating scene to combat these feelings, but it can actually end up doing you more harm than good in many ways. Technically, your marriage is not over yet and dating before theink is dry on your divorce decree can have consequences.

Here are some reasons why you should hold off on dating until after your divorce is officially finalized:

1. the situation can get messy: No matter how amicably your divorce begins, the fact is that this process often turns into a whirlwind of emotions and is often contentious enough on its own with out the presence of new dating partners. When your soon-to-be former spouse sees you dating someone new or simply sees that you are choosing to date at all, he or she might get upset and draw out negotiations.Longer, drawn-out negotiations mean more time and money.

2.You need time for yourself: It feels great to be wanted and loved during a time when something you once held dear is falling apart, but wanting a new relationship does not necessarily mean you are ready for one. this is a vulnerable time for you and to rush into something now, before your divorce is even finalized, could lead to some regrets later on. Considering how much time and energy a divorce can consume, it would also be unfair to a potential new partner since you would not be able to devote much time to forming this new bond.

3.It can possibly affect your settlement : Dating before your divorce is finalized can jeopardize the outcome of your divorce settlement , especially if you have children . For example, if your new partner has a criminal history, your spouse might choose to use this against you in a custody battle. Additionally, if you end up cohabitating with your new love interest, this could also impact the amount of spousal support you receive, or it might be entirely eliminated.

4.Other consequences: If you share children with your former spouse, building a foundation fora cooperative and civil co-parenting relationship is crucial. If you begin dating early, however, it could set a bad tone for your future and leave him or her feeling angry and hurt. Take some time to set a good foundation for your future as co-parents to avoid any further heartache or hardship as you raise your children together.

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