Breaking the news of a divorce to a child can often be the toughest part of the process and the effect a divorce can have on a child is profound. There are things you can to do ensure that the conversations that take place regarding the divorce are handled properly. In this blog, our Illinois divorce attorney shares tips on explaining divorce to your children.

Avoid a House Divided

If you have more than one child, break the news to them all at once. By telling just the oldest child, you've left them with the heavy burden of keeping a secret and the younger children may feel hurt that you didn't tell them first.

Don't Point the Finger

No one wins playing the blame game, and it's important that you explain the terms of your divorce to your children without being critical of your ex-spouse. Although this may be difficult, especially in cases when the terms of the divorce aren't necessarily amicable, your children should see that their parents are keeping somewhat of a united front.

Revisit the conversation

Your child may need time to process the news, and they should be allowed at that time. If you aren't immediately hit with a high volume of questions, give your child a couple of days to let everything sink in. In time, your child will come to you with questions and ready to have an open discussion on the matter.

Establish a New Routine

A divorce can have a significant impact on a child's day-to-day routine. Use this transient period of your life to establish a new routine that works for both you and your child. Implement the new routine early on and be consistent. It's not uncommon for children to test the boundaries during a transitional time in their lives - be firm and show that regardless of the obstacles, you and your child will overcome this together.

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