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How Do You Modify a Divorce Decree in Illinois?

Posted on in Divorce

Hinsdale divorce decree modification lawyerLife is ever-changing, and sometimes those changes involve situations beyond your control that negatively impact you in various ways. When this occurs, it may cause significant problems when it comes to matters outlined in your divorce agreement, including child support, spousal maintenance, and parenting time. This is especially true if your former spouse is less than sympathetic toward your situation. 

If significant life changes have affected your ability to live up to standards previously established through your existing divorce decree, or if certain provisions simply no longer work or apply, a skilled family law attorney can help you request a post-divorce modification

Reasons for Illinois Divorce Modification 

There are numerous reasons why you may need to file for a divorce decree modification. These include:

  • Loss of or change in employment;
  • A significant change in income for the recipient or payor of support;
  • Serious injury or health issues that limit employability;
  • Increased or decreased expenses as they relate to your children;
  • Household conflict that has created an unsustainable living arrangement; or
  • Alleged abuse or neglect. 

To modify a divorce agreement, you must display to the court that such a change is necessary. Your attorney can help you convey the need by presenting evidence as it relates to each specific and affected item in your divorce decree. This is critical, because a judge will not alter an existing agreement just because one party does not like the terms. 

When spouses agree on the need for a modification, the process is fairly easy to complete. Your attorneys can create a revised agreement that addresses the relevant issues. Then, the lawyer for the side which seeks the modification can file the new agreement with the court for implementation. 

Spouses who do not agree on possible agreement alterations often benefit from enlisting the help of a mediator who specializes in divorce conflict resolution. If the former spouses are not far apart in their demands, a mediator can help bridge the gap. If mediation does not resolve the situation, courtroom litigation is the next step.  

Contact an Oak Brook Family Lawyer 

No one can control everything in life, and when occupational or financial circumstances change, sometimes legal agreements must change as well. At Wakenight and Associates, P.C., we understand the difficulties that can arise from these changes and how to help you effectively navigate them. To speak with an Elmhurst divorce modification attorney, call us at 630-528-0734 for a free consultation. 





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