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Six Modern divorce Trends

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Several divorce trends that once held steady for a long time have begunto change in recent years due in large part to a new generation of people growing up, marrying, and then choosing to divorce . In this blog, we take a look at six trends that have begun to change in recent years and discuss why this change may be occurring.

divorce s Are Decreasing

this may come as a surprise to some people, but it turns out the number of marriages that end in divorce every year has decreased since 1981.However, the number of marriages has also decreased. Hence, the divorce percentage is holding pretty steady, but the number of people simply choosing not to marry has led to fewer divorce s.

Women Initiate Most divorce s

between the removal of the social stigma on divorce and increased economic independence, women now initiate nearly two-thirds of all divorce s. Another unfortunate reason for this increase: domestic violence has also been on the rise in recent years, which frequently leads to a divorce .

Grey divorce Has Skyrocketed

divorce may be decreasing, but divorce s amongst older couples, known as“gray divorce s, ” have exploded in recent years. Match.comhas stated that the50-65 age range has grown by nearly 90% in the last five years. The millennial generation growing up and moving out of their home may be a contributing factor, since parents no longer need to stay together to raise a child.

Traditional Values Decrease divorce

Despite these changes, some of the factors that have traditionally been good for a stable marriage have held steady. These factors include a higher annual income, a college education, waiting until marriage to have a baby, waiting until theage of 25 or older to get married, and a religious affiliation.

Where You Live Has an Impact

Where you live in the country can influence your likelihood of a divorce . The west coast, most notably California, has some of the highest divorce rates in the country, while the middle of the country tends to have the lowest rates. Religious affiliations, discussed in the last point, are more prevalent throughout the middle of the country, so that may be one reason for the reduced number of divorce s.

children Are Significantly Impacted

divorce has an incredible impact on the future of any children in a marriage.Parents who stay married were likely to see their children reach a similar or higher economic status as adults, whereas parents who divorce d were more likely to see their children drop to a lower income bracket and almost never saw them rise to a higher one.

children who experienced divorce were also far more likely to pursue a divorce of their own as an adult than children whose parents remained married.

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