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Tips for a Successful Co-Parenting Relationship After Divorce

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Divorcing spouses often cannot wait for the whole ordeal to be over and to put the past behind them. If you share children with your former spouse, however, you cannot simply move on and cut ties with your ex-spouse. The romantic portion of your relationship is over, but you will still have to co-parent your children together. Unfortunately, if there is lingering animosity, this situation can become stressful for everyone involved, including the children . The divorce was already hard enough on them, so you and your ex-spouse must work together to become effective co-parents to lessen the burden on your kids. After all, their well being is still the one common interest you two share.

If you are not sure where to begin on this path, we have compiled a list of tips below that will help you become more successful at co-parenting with your former spouse:

  • Keep it professional: Just because you will continue to co-parent your children together does not mean you have to like your ex. In your professional life, you have likely worked with and frequently interacted with someone whom you did not like and the two of you still managed to perform your job. If you dislike your former spouse, simply approach it from a professional angle and keep your interactions succinct, to the point, and as civil as possible.Removing the emotional aspect of it will help keep you sane and prevent you from getting riled up.
  • Open communication is key: Open communication regarding your children is crucial to make this work, so always do what you can to ensure the two of you are on the same page. If you find face-to-face conversations uncomfortable, consider phone calls, text messages, or emails to avoid any unpleasantness while still effectivelycommunicating thenecessary information.
  • Keep each other up to speed: Even when joint custody is awarded, one of you will be the primary custodial parent. That said, both of you are entitled to the same information, so always keep your co-parent up to speed on important details, such as medical problems or educational issues. Remember, you are in this together because of the children , so hiding something from your ex will do you all a great disservice.
  • Be flexible: You and your ex-spouse will have a parenting plan and visitation schedule that was either court ordered or formally agreed upon and, while it should be followed, there will be occasions when your schedules will conflict and call for some flexibility. You should both work to reasonably accommodate these conflicts rather than try to make the situation harder than it already is. Try to be understanding of each other's needs to avoid animosity from building up in ways that will eventually impact your children .

Child Custody attorney s in Illinois

Issues regarding custody are among some of the most difficult family law matters parents will face. Instead of going through it alone, turn to the skilled and compassionate Illinois child custody attorney s at Wakenight & Associates, P.C. to guide you through this complicated and emotional process while protecting your family's best interests. We will work hard to help you, in or out of court.

Get started on your case today and contact us at any of our convenient locations to schedule your free consultation with one of our knowledgeable family law attorney s and any of our convenient locations in Illinois.




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